Summary of EXPO

It is a place where government, industry and academia will collaborate and promote to utilize and apply geospatial information and satellite positioning for actualizing a high utilization of geospatial information (G-spatial society).

In recent years, we can recognize a remarkable technological innovation in information communication such as popularization of Cloud, penetration of SNS, and service expansion by Mashup, and also the environment that can acquire necessary information of location and time (G-Spatial information) anywhere at anytime for our daily life and economic activities is being arranged by a rapid popularization of smart phone and fulfilling wireless communication environment such as Wi-Fi is now about to be completed.

Furthermore, a major development for future is also expected in satellite positioning field while the first quasi-zenith satellite "Michibiki" that makes a more advanced positioning possible has been launched in September 2009, and then plans to develop for 4 satellite system as being implemented in the late 2010s and expands to 7 satellite system in future. 

In such situation, "G-Spatial EXPO" was held twice in September 2010 and June 2012 so far in collaboration with government, industry and academia for expanding the foundation of G-Spatial society on the basis of "Basic Plan on the Advancement of Utilizing Geospatial Information (approved by the Cabinet in March 27, 2012)", and we have been achieving a development of G-space related industries with promoting more understanding in general public for actualizing G-Spatial society.

With consideration of these accomplishments, in "G-Spatial EXPO 2013", we will aggregate the most advanced technologies and services of G-Spatial information and setting up a place to introduce the Japanese technologies and services for future to general public through exhibition, lecture/symposium, and experience event while utilizing the EXPO as a place to establish new technologies and services and stimulating proposals and originality from private sector in relation to upgrading/development of the existing technologies/services.

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